The Exile Part II - The City of Destruction (Single)

by Slice The Cake



Single "The Exile Part II - The City of Destruction" taken from the upcoming "Odyssey to the West," release date TBA.


What have we done?
We’ve raised such towers in our image!
Chaos reigns.
We shall pay dearly with fires and floods and the weeping.
Come sweetly unto me so that all might be cinders.

And all things lead to here.
And all ways to here; where the pathways terminate and clarity dissipates.
And all things lead to here; where the heart lays grey and withered.
And all things lead to here; where the fissures stir beneath your feet.
And all things lead to here; where the crimson veil descends.

What have we done?
We've raised such mountains in defiance!
Malice reigns.
They shall pay dearly with dust and with ash and with terror as the very skies rain fire.
It is fear they shall know as it pours upon their figure-headed crowns.

Ash to ash, dust to dust.
This world shall come to realise its decadence.

O’, sins of iron compass!
Why do they lead them here?
Born and bred of wicked ways where reason dissipates.
Posed as shepherds, they lead the lambs to slaughter.
Sheared of their innocence, the lambs lie bleating, naked.

They speak of rebirth? A pox on their new age!
Surely madness reigns?
Dis-eased with the remnants of what came before shall they stumble and then fall.
Now all that is left is to shovel the shit.

So, I pray for peace amidst the madness.

“Be free and without pain!”
I prayed for your Holy mercy, or so I thought.

So hear me now as I’m prostrated upon the floor.
I renounce myself, so that the winds might take me westward.
“Be free and without pain!”
I prayed for your Holy mercy!
Or so I felt?

So in these fissures I sacrifice a mortal path in favour of thee.
I relegate these bones to thee, this mortal frame is yours to keep.
Behold this vessel!
Do with it as thy will before it all goes to waste.
Before it all goes to waste, I’ll live forever in exile.




all rights reserved


Slice The Cake Brighton, UK

Slice The Cake is an international metal band spanning England, Sweden and Australia.

New album "Odyssey to the West" out now.

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