The Man With No Face

by Slice The Cake

Intro 01:36
So here we find ourselves again... Standing on the edge of a precipice The marriage of man and machine An odious testament to our Fearlessness and our arrogance. No longer reliant on human fragility, Now the facility for biomechnic Synthetic replacement is all we need, But there's a catch... In exchange for your humility and empathy, Comes immortality, death becomes a fallacy; Human essence reduced to mere plasticity In this rational thinking, logical future. And all that is left is to shovel the shit. And all that is left is to shovel the shit. So what will become of this race, On the precipice as the singularity encroaches? Will we retain our humanity for the sake of integrity Or will it be washed a way, smothered by the wrath of mother earth? In this rational thinking, logical future?
Everything shifts into focus Pummelled by sensory input overload; This taste of clarity beckons me to repeat this experience. Burn my eyes with the brightest of lights As the senses adapt to the otherworldly state of mind. In the sleep deprived, unconscious mind, I search for answers. I search this path alone. I search this path alone In this city of ghosts. And were you with me, my love, I would search no more, I would search no more. For all unearthly revelations come from within, We hold the key to a tapestry of our own making. But we must be willing to look to within And follow the inner voice as much as we can For the voice of deceit will speak no more. Embracing the dream becomes a sin in its own way, Crushed under weight of expectation. And you will atone. You will atone. And were you with me, my love, We would search no more. Were you with me, my love We would search no more In this city of ghosts.
You rape our minds with your indoctrination Filling our heads with needless information. Suffocating under the weight of ceaseless bloated refuse. We guzzle on your wretched seed 'til we can see no more And hear no less than the tepid gruel you decided was our food 24 hours of unrest and unease A thousand channels of this spiritual disease. We will feed 'til the ground is barren. We will drink 'til the stills are empty. We will suckle 'til you ache, And we shall not be sated. We shall leech like the parasitic entity, we appear to be. Vampyrically draining the life from whatever we see fit. We grow queasy as we consume, fattened from a diet of your noxious fumes. And once we've eaten 'til nothing's left We shall grow starving, bloated and weak. We shall grow sickly from the inside out As our organs cease to exist. Rotting away to nothing The wretched carcass leaves no mark of grandiosity No signs of what was once a monument to our consumation. And with reckless abandon we hurtle forward. We stand transfixed on the precipice of being, A choice between two worlds, we stand unsure of time's unwinding. We stand transfixed on time's unwinding, We stand transfixed on time's unwinding.
Of Gallows 07:58
It grows so stilted, this rift of seperation. It lies through its teeth, the 6th degree of prophecy. And all along, this felt so pure, just tell me what went wrong? Why did we cease to nourish life, leaving only barren wastes? An outdated paradigm exists in the rift between change and stagnation. Plaguing my dreams with apocalyptic signs of the necrotic ones stalking me Relentlessly. Feasting on the old ways. Time runs short for this ticking time bomb of malcontent. Threatening to gluttonously implode and swallow everything we've worked for. If you will not listen, then walk me to the gallows. One last time I see you, as you walking from the gallows . We cannot sustain ourselves, we feast until there's nothing left. We reap the punishment as we cannibalise ourselves. We cannot live much more, 'til we find sustenance. Withering away to nothing with the setting of the sun. The masquerade cannot compare wordless glances, faceless stares Cast down in purgatorial retribution. Here we will rot eternally, our flesh stagnating syncronously The stench of death will fill our lungs forever. As you walk me to the gallows. If you will not listen, then walk me to the gallows. One last time I see you, as you walking from the gallows . For me to hang. I kiss so sweetly, your fetid lips. I kiss goodbye, all that I'll miss. As the noose is placed around my neck, I gaze into your eyes If you will not listen, then walk me to the gallows. One last time I see you, as you walking from the gallows
The ever open mouth Endless impossibilities Spiralling Fractal Geometry Assaulted with terrifying images Enslavement of the soul by malevolent entities Expressionist states of inter-dimensional transience Omnipresent perception of time and space Dissociated States of Awareness Kinetic displays of ethereal bioluminescence Gifted and cursed with otherworldly knowledge Crystalline walkways into a personal hell Sublime entities of unexplainable origin, elucidate a fractured mind. Conjoined in visions of extra-dimensional consequence, The ramifications become all too clear. As I sink into the sands of Pnakotus
Promethean (free) 05:56
For our tolerance, you respond with brutality Trampled underfoot for a fucking pittance To dig the graves for an industry that in its greed will eat itself. And with itself, shall it take many lives within its wake. So heinous, this trail of putridity. Can no-one see them? Promethean in their gleeful exploitation, Using the fire of the Gods for conceited motivations. Down with the veils, its time for the truth to be revealed Lest you be seen for the venomous harpies that you are. Sell your soul for a taste of the fool's gold, screaming like a stuck pig when deprived Symbiotic with eternal sin, poison of the liar coursing in your veins. You will speak no more. Empires fall with the rising of the sun And kings shall die at the behest of their sons. Laid to rest with the best of intentions The best laid plains, they fall by the wayside. Despair not in the waning of the moon, For the night is darkest just before the dawn. Dictators rise, but empires fall With the rising of the new sun.
Equilibrium 06:16
All is not well in this conjugal state of stalemate interdependence Fragile mirror-image hanging on a knife-edge; a microcosmic indecency. A new kind of metafiction, to recreate the bigger picture Given the kiss of death before it had its chance to breathe And breathe it shall. I bear witness to the monolith of self-evident cowardice, born and bred of infallibility, is human nature not the culprit? Unanimous in our contempt of the regressive sense of intuitive momentum, we abandon all common reason to adapt to being poisoned, So we shall breathe smoke, collective in our pursuit of self-destruction. Who propagates the seeds of discontent in the hearts of men? For fertile soil bears no grudge against the flowering of beauty. A state of equilibrium must be unearthed, Lest the scales tip all too far and bury the diamonds in the rough.
The Chasm 05:32
I know there's something more That lies beyond my reach; An ethereal whole that beckons Me to percieve the bigger picture. But still I cannot leap Across the chasm that lies before me For the gap seems all to big. I know it only takes a single step But I cannot find the strength. If only I could break These chains that bind in place A restless soul in search of truth. If I could only break This self-destructive Trail of self-deception. So I shall make amends. I shall make my peace. I will forgive all those Who I feel have wronged me. For without forgiveness Comes a life of pain; Self-imposed chains Born of petty grudges. I will forgive you I will forgive myself. And so I fall into the arms of peace and tranquility.
i. The Shimmering Tides of Revelation (Instrumental) ii. Into The Void Today I seek to procreate, exonerate the sickly skins. My former selves, they drift away into the ether. As I'm reborn without a face, without a name, I find my true vocation. Too many times have I seen squander in myself and in others While not manifesting the purity I sought With such a fatal flaw, I joined the masquerade; A grand charade in which we all participate With no excision. A transient glimmer of in-corporeality from beyond the veil. Into the eyes of light I gaze, transfixed as my soul is purged of all its bile; I bathe in the source of magnanimity. I feel I've known you before. Re-united as one. I feel your presence here. We have met before. And to this day I have held your hand, your guidance never leading me astray, But into light and hope, you give me purpose beyond all that is earthly. I see the masks with which we play our games, indulgences for cosmic gains; Fulfilling archetypes, the dreamer dreams. Into the void I leap, convinced of destiny, Protected by my faith in that I cannot see; For I have read your lips and I have felt your shame, Have no fear, my Brother, for this pain is shared. We ache in unison for reconciliation. Let us take this step as above so below. As above so below, Veils upon veils, Veils upon veils, I renounce myself. iii: Traversal of the Immaterial I've had too many sleepless nights, Too lost in restless thoughts, Fragmented dreamscapes assault my reality As the shards of my excursions flutter in and out of sight. Oh God, what have I done to bring this on myself? Is this my punishment for past transgressions Or is this simply a test of my will to continue against all logic For a taste of the fool's gold or some unearthly reward? Is this a dream or is this real? Is there more beyond the veil? Is there an answer that can ease my burden? My tortured heart it sinks into the depths of misery, I feel frustration mount, the pieces just won't fit. Is this just all a game, The rules of which are not revealed Until it takes its dying breath? I want so badly for it all to just make sense. Too late, it's all too late... For me? Tell me that I can trust, tell me that I can love. Tell me I have a face, tell me I have a name. My ears they hear no music, my eyes they see no shapes; Just an amorphous mass of subjectivity. If all is relative, how can there ever be a truth? The bitter tasting certainty eludes both me and you. For in the name of God they sing their praise, But still I cannot feel his presence. You leave me cornered against my will. I'll not forgive, I'll not forget. I'll shame your name, I'll make your life a living hell. Until you find your strength, I'll drain your life. I'll eat your soul against your will. Can't you see? We're testing you. And so I crawl, 'til I can walk once more. And so I sleep, 'til I can dream again. We dance amongst the flames, their heat a comforting aid to resolution. Or so we feel, or so we dream, as we partake of a collective hallucination. A thousand realms of thought with nothing left but time To fully realise our visions, immortalised with pen and paper. Our resonances trapped in ink, to linger for eternity A monument of journeys passed, with new ones in the wings... iv: Ouroboros And so I sink once more into the ever-present plain of dreams I feel so tired, I feel so weak. My vessel longs for rest, it longs for sleep. A thousand incarnations stretching through both time and space; Where does this spiral end? Does it ever cease to exist? Melting away into a fleeting sea of faces; Who have I been? Who have I known? And were you there, my long lost brother? Your face is so familiar, like deja-vu. We once again tread carelessly into the waters at world's end. Baptised in fire, A rite of passage. We come of age together, Conjoined at the soul, irrevocably. Bound to the Ouroboros, I will eat my own tail Eternally. v. Dance of the Worker Ants But still you poison yourselves, Wearing masks and trading faces Like the ticking clock of time, so set in your insipid little ways. Like worker ants serving your queen, Slaves in your devotion to obscenity. So lost in the illusion, you fail to see your own pathetic confusion. Led astray so easily and all it takes is one taste of the poison To keep you coming back for more, incapable of the inevitable cease-fire. So you sling shit like monkeys in cages, Self-made prisons for the ages. Captive like petty animals, so unevolved from the primordial ooze. You hold your forked tongue. Your poisoned words will be heard no more. vi. The Man With No Face Let us be free, of this cage that we have helped construct, To grow in unison, to leave behind the grand illusion. The tides hear everything and they see everyone. Have no fear my brother, for they do not judge. It's not too late to change, to leave behind your sin, To shed old skins and re-evaluate your purpose. I leave my mask behind to quench the sands of time. I cleanse myself and become the man with no face. Nameless and faceless, Nameless and faceless, Nameless and faceless for we are all one and the same.


After two years of work, we're ready to unleash our first full-length album "The Man With No Face."
The album will be out on March 1st to coincide with the 2 year anniversary of the release of our first EP "Cleansed."
Composed entirely by Jack "Magero" Richardson, the album features 10 tracks of mind-expanding, visionary progressive metal, including a 20+ minute epic composed of 5 movements with its own musical mythology.
Aside from that, the album explores technical death metal savagery, an increased focus on orchestral composition, and bold new ambience laden realms of metal, with a more experimental approach to vocals and powerful philsophical lyrics that weave an epic tale about a spiritual quest to transcend dualism in a world of black and white morality.


released March 1, 2012

Jack Richardson
Gareth Edwards
Jonas Johansson


all rights reserved



Slice The Cake

Slice The Cake is an international metal band spanning England, Sweden and Australia.

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