Live At Home

by Slice The Cake

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husk subtle inflections draw this out and I find myself totally drawn in <3 now I need to go listen to the rest of your discography too. :O thank you so much for sharing this with us Slice 🍰 🧡✌️
David Fischer
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David Fischer Seems like 2020 has been good for something in the end, as Slice the Cake have decided to continue being a band. That alone would be reason enough to be in love with this release, but the sheer quality of the performance on display here is absolutely flattering. Each and every member seems to be in great shape. The new track is also amazing, but the performance of The Man With No Face is among the most impressive things I have ever witnessed. Stellar. Favorite track: The Man With No Face (Live from Techabilitation 2020: At Home).
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w0llip No words to describe how amazing these guys are Favorite track: Homecoming (Live from Techabilitation 2020: At Home).
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Why won't you raze, with me, the Mountains of Man? O', my love, if only you could see the state of our impiety It bubbles through the impotence of our rage and of our love As we make mockeries of union our deviance is consummated O', it should be plain to see how we raise our petty banners in defiance Of the purity that lies within If only we were to see that all that we hold dear shall all disintegrate one day It's naught but stone and silver And so I go to travel t'wards the setting sun The chariot awaits beneath its glow Sat astride the wings of Icarus I know no place to go but westward bound to make it so It's all over, my dear I only wish that I could stay, but really, there's no other way that this could be Unless you save yourself But you wouldn't… Would you? Why won't you fly with me? Imagine what we'd be if you could only listen to the heartbeat of the trees And the sigils of the earth The invisible and endless hum of life from since the Word was spoke Why won't you listen to me? Is it so fractal that it lacks a sense a clarity for you? "O', what are we to do? O', what are we to do, my love?" O', see how Babylon has fallen O', bear witness to the Mountains of Man O', bear witness with impunity as The Tower crumbles and falls There was a bitterness at heart… "Why won't you fly?" For what it's worth, why would one choose to stay amidst the decay? Is it too late for us to change? Or are we bound to the dichotomy? Paradoxically, this is what it means to be Between corpus and divinity Discordance and serenity If only we were to see that all that we hold dear shall all disintegrate As dust unto the winds of change So take me, sweet release I've found it's naught but stone and silver
And so as darkness fell on the first of days and the skyline opened wide The Heavens in their oblique majesty did speak of an old and holy grove Enumerate in starlit forms how the trees came to speak in tongues And what it is they say through a conduit of horned form "O', lowly Pilgrim How dare thee have the gall to seek My graven image, stead and swift among the grass and leaves?" Know not of malice O', benefactor Know no pretense at my side "Know not of where it is you came from Know, Pilgrim Know of these three things: The Sword that is not a Sword The Sound that is not a Sound The Face that is not a Face These boons, I give to thee O', Pilgrim To light the way home!"
All that is, is all there was and all that shall become; The language of matter writ large All that's written, all that's heard All that's spoken, all that's word Is known thus inherently through all as papyrus And so it was told, and so I told myself And in that instant I knew As above, so below These papyrus limbs, they teach that these arms, they are my own Yet, I lay no claim of ownership to this temporary form From thought to pen shall all things be written From void to form shall all things be told Ordo ab Chao All that is, is all there was and all that shall become The language of being writ large Semantic keys buried ‘neath the mechanistic fragments Of the workings of the One Thing made manifest So in flesh is all In all we see ourselves Reflected in the hall of sacred mirrors Who are we to proclaim such division in the workings of the One Thing? Who are we to feed the yawning of the fissures with great work to be done? So mote it be I become the Man of Papyrus Limbs To do the workings of the one thing It's all over, my dear I only wish that I could stay, but really, there's no other way that this could be It's naught but stone and silver
If this is all there is; and compassion's but fleeting in a sea of mediocrity. We'll tread water in futility. We're all nought but fucking ragdolls to gaia. Why has it become so acceptable to display a consummate aggression Spat in the eye of progress; all in the aid of an existence as leeches? They become more anesthetized by the hour, succumbing to a spiritual sterility. Compelling those with beating hearts to sew their eyes shut with but a second thought. More concerned with petty insights of extravagant intoxication, Intravenous injections of venom to poison every man, woman, thinker or feeler. Blind, Idiot Gods of their own creation, survival as parasites. Consuming the roots of the pure and draining the life of the few; Nothing more than weeds in the garden of Eden, tainting the apple of knowledge. Pure insipid spite in all its twisted glory; We are a race of roses, natural beauty encased in a crown of thorns. But, this was not to be. Gaia be damned, Gaia be cursed. Gaia be damned, Gaia be cursed.
From whence you came shall you return From the flames from which you were born. The deception in your rotten hearts Dooming the young to mental castration. Led like sheep through a series of malignant trials and tests, Leaving the meek amongst the flock to rot. Fed with sanitised gruel 'til they can sense nothing but your stagnation. And still there's no refuge, the cogs keep on turning, Nothing to halt the march of this cancerous machine, Save for you and me. Our love is not enough to change the world Or destroy the tumor at its source. Throwing caution to the wind, Poisoning all that's sacred, Feasting on the souls of the young, You pray on the weak with false illumination. Mis-diagnosis with nebulous sicknesses Serves to leave our ruined minds in fits of hypochondria . How can we grow? How can we see? How can we find a truth that's relevant with misdirection prevelant in all there is? With these constraints we're nothing more than slaves. Bound and gagged and beat 'til we submit. The burden lays on us to collectively be the change we want to see. Throwing caution to the wind, Poisoning all that's sacred, Feasting on the souls of the young, You pray on the weak with false illumination. At the expense of intuition You loose the dogs of war. They bay for blood. So I pray for the flood.
A schism appears My identity fragments, leaving glimpses In its wake of who I could've been and might yet be Through the grey I see myself illuminate I see a Siren in my dreams She sings to me, her voice angelic She brings to me glimpses of perfection A previous life, idealised lies? It's all the same to me. And when all is said and done Her voice still echoes in my ears A ringing sound I cannot bury Yet I feel torn by her ever present guiding hands Do I reject this world and substitute my hatred for her love? This schism it heals A state of unity approaches I yearn for transcendence She shows me the door but I lack the key She tells me stories She tells me tales She sings me songs of love and songs of loss She draws me to the water And I wade in Content to let the ocean Take me where it will I gaze upon her spirit I see a face It took all this time to realise This face is mine
Run Run, my child, run along Mark the cross on your door Run to the West Run, my child, run along And bury all my bones And there’s no-one here to save you Run Run, my child, run from them Run from the wrongs you’ve done Run to the End Run, my child, run from them Witness the end again And you thought you were a saviour? No-one here felt any different Did you think that you could save them? I did, too. I beheld a fever! The passage of aeons upon the mountain A graduate from the archon of thought Like those who had came before I reviewed the idea of evil and passed it as law Amidst the culpable, I sequestered myself To the chamber of woe and drank my fill Of the cup I had poured, one whom I deeply adored And I wept in poor faith In positing the question I let fly the blade Of my own ruination I stuffed my beak with fragrant spices 
I retreated into the mountain, in futile hope of escape And nestled beneath, the word made empty I could not remain In my eminent humanity, I ruminated upon the cross Behold, the right hand of God! The Genesis of loss! Behold, this most fruitless of rhetoric Providence, of course, sought no alternative Here, the sadistic flourishes and denigrates With great vigour, any trace of mere goodness So in due course, absence sought joy And desperately clawed at the soil in search of light In homecoming is reckoning To emancipate the seeker from the divine I beheld a fever! The occultation of madness The denigration of self in service of the divine When there’s people who can save you I, too, observed this most fatal of flaws 
No-one here feels any different We need not be alone
[i. The Shimmering Tides of Revelation] (Instrumental) [ii. Into The Void] Today I seek to procreate, exonerate the sickly skins My former selves, they drift away into the ether As I'm reborn without a face, without a name I find my true vocation Too many times have I seen squander in myself and in others While not manifesting the purity I sought With such a fatal flaw, I joined the masquerade; A grand charade in which we all participate With no excision A transient glimmer of in-corporeality from beyond the veil Into the eyes of light I gaze, transfixed as my soul is purged of all its bile; I bathe in the source of magnanimity I feel I've known you before Re-united as one I feel your presence here We have met before And to this day I have held your hand Your guidance never leading me astray But into light and hope, you give me purpose beyond all that is earthly I see the masks with which we play our games, indulgences for cosmic gains; Fulfilling archetypes, the dreamer dreams Into the void I leap, convinced of destiny Protected by my faith in that I cannot see; For I have read your lips and I have felt your shame Have no fear, my Brother, for this pain is shared We ache in unison for reconciliation Let us take this step as above so below As above so below Veils upon veils Veils upon veils I renounce myself [iii: Traversal of the Immaterial] I've had too many sleepless nights Too lost in restless thoughts Fragmented dreamscapes assault my reality As the shards of my excursions flutter in and out of sight Oh God, what have I done to bring this on myself? Is this my punishment for past transgressions Or is this simply a test of my will to continue against all logic For a taste of the fool's gold or some unearthly reward? Is this a dream or is this real? Is there more beyond the veil? Is there an answer that can ease my burden? My tortured heart it sinks into the depths of misery I feel frustration mount, the pieces just won't fit Is this just all a game The rules of which are not revealed Until it takes its dying breath? I want so badly for it all to just make sense Too late, it's all too late... For me? Tell me that I can trust, tell me that I can love Tell me I have a face, tell me I have a name My ears they hear no music, my eyes they see no shapes; Just an amorphous mass of subjectivity If all is relative, how can there ever be a truth? The bitter tasting certainty eludes both me and you For in the name of God they sing their praise But still I cannot feel his presence You leave me cornered against my will I'll not forgive, I'll not forget I'll shame your name, I'll make your life a living hell Until you find your strength, I'll drain your life I'll eat your soul against your will Can't you see? We're testing you And so I crawl, 'til I can walk once more And so I sleep, 'til I can dream again We dance amongst the flames, their heat a comforting aid to resolution Or so we feel, or so we dream, as we partake of a collective hallucination A thousand realms of thought with nothing left but time To fully realise our visions, immortalised with pen and paper Our resonances trapped in ink, to linger for eternity A monument of journeys passed, with new ones in the wings... [iv: Ouroboros] And so I sink once more into the ever-present plain of dreams I feel so tired, I feel so weak My vessel longs for rest, it longs for sleep A thousand incarnations stretching through both time and space; Where does this spiral end? Does it ever cease to exist? Melting away into a fleeting sea of faces; Who have I been? Who have I known? And were you there, my long lost brother? Your face is so familiar, like deja-vu We once again tread carelessly into the waters at world's end Baptised in fire A rite of passage We come of age together Conjoined at the soul, irrevocably Bound to the Ouroboros, I will eat my own tail Eternally [v. Dance of the Worker Ants] But still you poison yourselves Wearing masks and trading faces Like the ticking clock of time, so set in your insipid little ways Like worker ants serving your queen Slaves in your devotion to obscenity So lost in the illusion, you fail to see your own pathetic confusion Led astray so easily and all it takes is one taste of the poison To keep you coming back for more, incapable of the inevitable cease-fire So you sling shit like monkeys in cages Self-made prisons for the ages Captive like petty animals, so unevolved from the primordial ooze You hold your forked tongue Your poisoned words will be heard no more [vi. The Man With No Face] Let us be free, of this cage that we have helped construct To grow in unison, to leave behind the grand illusion The tides hear everything and they see everyone Have no fear my brother, for they do not judge It's not too late to change, to leave behind your sin To shed old skins and re-evaluate your purpose I leave my mask behind to quench the sands of time I cleanse myself and become the man with no face Nameless and faceless Nameless and faceless Nameless and faceless for we are all one and the same


A complete collection of our Live at Home sets from 2020


Andrew Scott - Drums
Moat Lowe - Bass (Tech Fest at Home)
Jonas Johansson - Bass (Techabilitation at Home)
Jonas Johansson - Guitar
Galen Stapley - Guitar (Tech Fest at Home)
Charlie Michael - Guitar (Techabilitation at Home)
Harrison White - Keys
Gareth Mason - Vocals


released December 4, 2020


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Slice The Cake

Slice The Cake is an international metal band spanning England, Sweden and Australia.

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