Odyssey to the Gallows

by Slice The Cake

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Kellen_____ thumbnail
Kellen_____ This record is life.
fathead dog
fathead dog thumbnail
fathead dog :0 I can't believe I missed out on Slice the Cake's latest releases! It's Slice the Cake! I'm all in! These guys are musical mad metal scientists(or artists in this case). This band never ceases to push the envelope!
Eric Hoyt
Eric Hoyt thumbnail
Eric Hoyt Dark, demented, and beautiful. Odd combination, right? Get your best headphones, turn off the lights, and crank this. You'll feel a thousand feelings.
Marco Polo
Marco Polo thumbnail
Marco Polo Not gunna lie, was expecting less ambience and more climax, especially after devouring Odyssey to the West recently. I should've listened to them in order! I also wish the vocals were mixed a bit louder against the ambient because they are probably the best I've ever heard in this genre.
Aaron Chisholm
Aaron Chisholm thumbnail
Aaron Chisholm An ambient, guttural experience. Had me in its grip the entire time.
Can This Even Be Called Music?
Can This Even Be Called Music? thumbnail
Can This Even Be Called Music? I have never witnessed another ambient noise music with that level of theatricality and with a story worth reading through. The diffuse soundscapes leave the singer-actor at the forefront and really add a level that I feel could have been better exploited here in order to create a deeper storytelling. I long to find other pieces of music that achieve a similar experience.


Serving as the introduction to the Odyssey duology, "Odyssey to the Gallows" blends spoken poetry (with a decidedly Shakespearean and Biblical edge,) with ambience, noise music, and hints of effervescent, churning metal.

It is a visceral, emotionally charged journey into the blackened heart of the Odyssey's titular Pilgrim that explores love, theology, guilt, remorse and a myriad of other weighty subjects and themes before spitting you out on the other side, ready and prepared to scale the Holy Mountain that its companion album "Odyssey to the West" is so deeply fixated with.


released April 1, 2016

Gareth Mason - Words, Vocals, Concept
Jonas Johansson - Manipulations, Mastering

© 2015 Slice The Cake



all rights reserved


Slice The Cake Brighton, UK

Slice The Cake is an international metal band spanning England, Sweden and Australia.

New album "Odyssey to the West" out now.

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